Happy Mother’s Day, Mum

I’m not a fan of commercially endorsed days. They don’t gel with me and how I roll… homie.

But that aside, as every good Christian boy should I do love my Mother and love the thought of honouring her and her bringing me into this world. Despite the undoubtable horror we both faced during the process.

The only issue with the day is that I – and I know I’m nowhere near alone when I say this – can never decide what to get the woman or what will bring a smile to her face. I contend that I have a notoriously difficult personality on a notoriously difficult woman to overcome too, just to add to the fun of the annual challenge. Think dry sense of humour, few distinguishable likes and a mad passion for The Bold and The Beautiful. Now you see the challenge I face.

I have however come across some decent gift ideas that I think may fit the bill this year, at least in terms of practicality and usefulness.

As far as stereotypes go, this one hits the nail on the head.

Skin care!

What mother doesn’t like to be kept soft, supple and kissable as their children seemingly continue to look younger, while they go the opposite direction? Precisely all of them.

Palmer’s has brought out a range of Mum friendly products this season for all their moisturising needs, my favourite of which is the Palmer’s Purse Essentials. I don’t carry a purse, but on the odd occasion I do lug a bag around with me, I know I like to have a few certain things on board: water, moisturiser, a pen and paper and if my Mother had her way, there’d also be 40 cents for a phone call and a fresh pair of undies.

Thankfully, I moved-on from that phase of my life.

Carrying over however, my enjoyment of having something to glisten and plump my lips at the ready to my Mother, I’m certain any of them would enjoy such a product.

It retails for a very affordable $9.99 and includes a cocoa lotion, daily facial lotion, lip butter and cocoa hand cream. Winning.

Funnily enough, Tetley recently commissioned a survey of Australian Mums to find out exactly what they want and like on Mother’s Day.

My mother says this to me every year and I’ve always poo-pooed it, writing it off her lazy way of saying ‘you decide’, but apparently most want nothing.

Allelujah! That gives us all a day off.

An interesting 34% of mothers said they’d enjoy nothing more than to do nothing; sit, read a magazine, not do domestic chores and drink tea. Honestly it sounds awfully boring, but whatever floats your boat, I say.

Most mothers are apparently all about the heart-felt gift; something made, something cooked, something done for them as opposed to something store-bought and sterile, devoid of any thought and momentary emotional attachment.

I can understand that.

Tetley’s got the figures to back up Mums’ slothful will, too:

– Spending time with kids/family: 33%

– Relaxing/not having to do anything: 30%

– Having a special breakfast: 19%

– Being pampered/made to feel special: 18%

– Kids behaving: 12%

So go ahead, buy some tea and keep her happy.

If your female progenitor loves a drink as much as I’m sure many others do, then these guys are your saviour.

Australian Wine Selectors are a gem of an Australian company based in Newcastle, New South Wales whom pride themselves on bringing the best of Australia’s untapped regional wine makers to the forefront of wine connoisseur’s minds and taste buds.

They source wine from the country’s twelve key wine regions and work directly with the producer to bring the best of their harvest from the bottle to a wine lover’s glass. Working in this way, too, they remove all the middle-man costs, which allows them to flog their product for as little as they do.

They’ve even taken the heavy legwork out of hunting everything down with a dedicated Mother’s Day section on their website. See it here.

Personal suggestion: Rosé Gift Pack ($29.99) or the Luscious Tawny gift pack ($24.99); both affordable, both ideal. From my motherly knowledge and the familiarity with the season amongst us, Rosé is the new black in chilled wines this Winter, while the classic Australian Tawny can’t hide from the warmth-craving tastes of a mother craving a drink.

The Bird in Hand Rosé 2008 is made from Pinot Noir grown in the Adelaide Hills and matches immaculately with food such as poultry, lightly sauced game, seafood and Asian dishes. On the other end of the spectrum, if mother has more of a sweet tooth, the Luscious Tawny gift pack could be the way to go. With warm aromas of plum pudding, accompanied by two premium liqueur glasses from lovely glass maker Schott Zwiesel, you can’t go wrong.

With prices for packages ranging from as cheap as $24.99 to $155.88, there are enough options available to keep the mother more than happy.

Love to ski? I do.

I can’t do it very well and neither can my mother, but for those of you out there who can and whose mothers don’t mind the odd fall, this one’s for you.

With Winter settling in and the snow caps soon to be forming, Icebreaker  is revealing to us their new Alpine collection. Founded by an New Zealander who ditched life and love for a flock of Kiwi sheep, the Icebreaker brand originated as a merino wool clothing range and since its beginnings it has expanded into sportswear, adventure gear and leisure or travel wear.

All of their items are made from Merino wool, which are supposedly breathable, climate controlled, odour resistant and itch resistant.  The garments come in varying colours and weights to cater for varying conditions. So come rain, hail or shine, Mumma will be comfortable while she’s cruising the slopes or frolicking through the snow fields.

Of course, you each know your own mothers, so take my suggestions or leave them. Either way, make her happy; it’s her day!


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