Are you coming to Fashionopolis? 12 May ’12. Be there.

Love fashion? Love Fashionopolis.

Do you live fashion, know how to write, adore clothes and fancy yourself a blogger? Or better yet, care to do so?

Then you’ll love this event.

Lagerfeld himself wouldn’t miss it… were it not for his being on the other side of the planet.

It’s the industry’s first fashion-focused event that brings together the online fashion world in a part networking, part educational day for all those who fancy themselves amongst the firmament of Australia’s online fashion world.

Meet the who’s who of blogs, the decision makers and trend setters, while expanding upon your knowledge of all things ‘online’.

The seminar will open your online-focused eyes to a bevvie of varying topics and discussions that are of immediate concern for all online lurkers. Learn how to better establish your brand, approach advertising, learn the magic of the photograph – and hopefully how to extend it beyond simply what you’re wearing – and hear first-hand opinions and takes on all matters of industry concern from leading figureheads Jenny Bannister and Phillip Boon.

Whether you’re an established face and name or just starting out, Fashionopolis will thrust you in front of those who matter amongst the Australian fashion blogging community.

If you went to either of Nuffnang’s previous Blogopolis events held in both Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll know what you’re in for. A room filled with like-minded people who have a love for the written word, the power they hold and the influence they can exude.

Take the day, stay the night, live it up at Fashionopolis.


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