I have a thing for Mister Mode

In its second year since relaunching in 2011, Mister Mode took to the streets of Melbourne for the enjoyment of many a pre-loved fashion fan.

Held last Saturday night at 222 Johnston Street in Melbourne’s north-of-the-river suburb of Collingwood, the Fashion Night Market welcomed in the city’s fashion conscious and socially savvy in a celebratory market event that was a testament to the unique electic nature of Melbourne and the awesome people who inhabit it.

Throughout the seven hours that the market operated, over 500 people passed through the doors and perused the wares of the over 35 stallholders that packed the large warehouse venue. Impressive.

While some shopped, others watched on as the likes of legendary Melbourne singer Laura Loe wowed the crowds with her vociferous renditions on a prominent centre stage in the spacious warehouse.

Laura is a testament to Melbourne’s musical underground and is a prominent face on the Melbourne social scene. Her creative flare for writing music and lyrics, mastering the tonal variations of any song placed before her and courageous love for appearing on or in front of any camera makes for an entertaining performance, blissful treat for the ears and a vocal force to be reckoned with.

Other acts included the likes of Synaecide’s Chris Vik, who magically makes music with his body and an Microsoft kinekt camera. See some of his work to see what I don’t think I’m able to explain eloquently enough.

Basically, the camera translates human body movement into musical notes that can be composed and compiled in real time into musical renditions as the user dances or moves. Impressive stuff in theory and quite the spectacle to see in person; watching a man perform in a dance/seize manner to the electronic music creations he makes with his limbs. Check the video below out to get the right idea.

Mister Mode was started as a Uni project by its founder Tish Tambakau and two fellow students. After she noticed how much of an effect it had and how many people warmed to the initial idea, Tish carried on the event and its namesake, building it into what it is today.

The market was launched in the midst of the vintage boom, a term that encapsulates the period of time when the fashion became to wear and adore vintage or pre-loved pieces in an effort to upcycle and recycle garments. As one can imagine, a second-hand fashion night market with more to offer than clothes and cheap prices was hard to miss for most.

Since its relaunch in 2011, the team behind Mister Mode has worked tirelessly and devotedly to ensure the event grows in size, popularity and punch-packing to keep the crowds, clothing lovers and stallholders ecstatic.

Thanks to Meagan Harding for her great snapper skills. See her on Facebook here.

The Mister Mode team

Tish Tambakau and I

Chris Rivera (Fashion Muuse) and Calvin Chong (Vanity Press)

Vocal amazebomb Laura Loe (www.lauraloemusic.com.au) and I

Aaron Paul (designer), Chris Rivera (Fashion Muuse) and I


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