Love the loved at Take2

The ornate, yellowing cornices of spaciously generous Northcote Town Hall stared down at the bustling men and women below as they lovingly fondled pre-loved vintage pieces brought together from the furthest reaches of Melbourne’s households by the stallholders at Take2 Markets.

One sleepy Sunday, the queenlike quartet of Irish Rivera, Ilker Kale, Chris Rivera and I made the trek from our comfy south-of-the-river pads to the northern reaches of Melbourne’s suburbs to do exactly that.

Ilker Kale and Chris Rivera (Fashion Muuse), Rina Chia, Me, Irish Rivera (StyleZilla)

Over forty stallholders with countless pieces of clothing welcomed us with hungry eyes as we entered the sunlit hall and began our trawling.

The Take2 Markets were founded by Rina Chia, a notable face about the Melbourne fashion scene. She’s a long-time bargain hunting, fashion-loving, clothing-recycling extraordinaire with a keen eye for a bargain and a lethal love for clothes and prolonging their too often taken for granted lives.

The markets were founded during a time when recycled fashion wasn’t a blip on the radar of most and women – and nowadays more and more men – were left with nowhere to go for their second-hand fashion needs. Take2 now encapsulates the needs of these women with great stallholders whom return time and time again with nothing but the best quality goods to awaiting a breath of new life.

“What I love about the market environment is the social interactions and that shoppers can see, try and buy right there and then. There is no pressure selling & a market stallholder is more likely to tell you if a piece suits you than a retail assistant.” said Rina. “You can’t find that freedom in shop fronts or online, and this is where the markets really have a chance to shine.”

Rina’s passion for her market and bringing fashion lovers together lies in her enthusiasm for the environment and the environmental impact recycling clothes can have.

With all things green, recycling and upcycling being a constant topic of focus for much public discourse, Rina’s passion to make a difference in any way she can – while sparing her wallet a mighty beating – is carried through to the culture of the Take2 Markets.

See the website here for more information. Follow Take2 on Twitter (@take2markets) or like them on Facebook.

And of course, thank you to my favourite, most amazing snapper Meagan Harding for her photos. Stunning! Like her on Facebook. Now!


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