Bangin’ Bang & Olufsen

With a new president and CEO and a constantly growing global network of retail and branding, it seemed only fitting that Bang & Olufsen reopened its Melbourne CBD store for the enjoyment of digital enthusiasts and top quality electronics lovers recently.

Zagame’s Maserati and Ferrari cars were parked auspiciously out the front of the beaming, pristine new store, drawing attention as crowds gathered, intrigued at the goings-on within the confines of the newly refurbished store.

A split-level building, tasteful combinations of brown, white and grey decked-out the space, the walls of which were adorned with electronic gadgets and pieces reserved for the wealthy or self-indulgent.

Champagne and wine flowed as gifts and prizes were passed-out to eagerly awaiting guests, who couldn’t help but touch, feel and admire the artistically designed musical, telephony and television equipment. Most impressively, freely standing against the furthest wall of the store stood an 85-inch television, which tended to lure a great deal of curious eyes. Need I say more?

Chris modeling the 85″ TV

As we perused the store and what it had to offer, the amazing streamline design for which Bang & Olufsen are renowned jumped out from every piece we admired. Speakers that look like sculptures, phones that resemble artwork and stereos that act as a staple piece of any room, Bang & Olufsen’s offering is second to none.

Bang & Olufsen is one of the world’s strongest and most widely recognised brands, which revolves closely around focusing on providing unmatched customer experiences through a distinctive range of high-quality products and a dedicated retail network.

What is great about it is that while it is a luxury brand and bears a price tag restrictive to most, their pieces are not items of great show pomp and ceremony. While they do pretty-up a room and bring a certain chic and stylish atmosphere, the branding, logos and slap-you-in-the-face Bang & Olufsen-ness of the pieces don’t outweigh the unique design and aesthetic of the pieces that really only gratify individuals’ own needs.

The infamous ‘Devil Wears Prada’ phone worth $1,100


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