I die, you die, We Dye

To be perfectly honest, I had no idea that Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski still existed. Terrible I know, but true nonetheless.

It turns out they do and they sell casual surf, skate and street wear for men and women such as Billabong, Volcom, Insight, Element, Globe, RCVA and Roxy, all of which are available on their website www.sds.com.au.

Basically this winter, because they house so many brands that typically use black and cool, flat colours and tones, they decided to invert a touch and get a bit creative and excited by creating a winter denim campaign entitled We Dye.

I smell a bit of a take on the renowned stylist Rachel Zoe and her infamous phrase, ‘I die’, no?

Either way, they’ve certainly hit the nail on the head when it comes to an eye-catching campaign, alive with colour and pulsating with energy.

Surf, Dive ‘n’ Ski has elicited the face of professional surfer Otis Carey and his wild, mangy head of hair in an effort to intertwine a fashionable aesthetic close to the brand, brand values and product range with the brand’s surf lifestyle essence.

I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of Globe Good Stock denim, which to be perfectly honest is one of the best pairs of jeans I own. The denim is sturdy and tough and always retains its shape regardless of how one primps and preens it, it has a rich colour – despite the fact it’s a brown/mustard – and a comfortable wear, which doesn’t abrase and discomfort the skin as so many other pairs I’ve had in the past do.

They’re onto something good!


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