COMPETITION (closed): win a $500 voucher!

You’d remember that recently, I won a competition that saw my redesigning and customising of an anorak jacket that was given to me by Elwood Jeans to celebrate the opening of Elwood offerings in Myer stores around the country.

If not, then get with it people and catch-up here, here and here!

Now, because you were all so kind and voted for me a total of 157 times, I’d like to give someone the opportunity to win a $500 voucher for use in any Elwood store (not in Myer).

If you’d like to go in the running, then here’re the details:


I wanted to see what you’ve got.

I won because of the way I translated my style and taste into something that was already made.

What could you show me that you’ve done to make something your own?

I wanted to see your style; anything that you’ve RESTYLED, UPCYCLED, CUSTOMISED or REDESIGNED yourself. It could’ve been a dress, a jacket, a pair of pants, a hat; anything. As long as originality and creativity prevail, the sky’s the limit.

I wanted to be wowed. I’ll pick a winner and share your successes on my blog… as well as give you $500.

You’ve got ’til midday (12:00pm AEST) Wednesday 25 April, 2012.

While you’re at it, it’d be great if you could like Elwood’s Facebook page here.


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