Koo-Koo for Kookaï

The women’s clothes obsessed side of me died recently in the best of ways.

I bared witness to the launch of Kookaï’s AW12 collection launch in one of Melbourne’s most largely unknown function venues in the most decadent and stylish of locations; Luminare in South Melbourne.

Colour, texture, pattern and allure overwhelmed affiliates, supporters, sponsors and lovers of Kookaï and their garments as each and every model strutted their stuff down the runway, in celebration of the label’s 20th year in Australia.

As an aside, the models on display were the first who for the most part seemed to enjoy their moment in the limelight with smiles beaming and bouncing spritely walks. It was most enjoyable to watch.

Kookaï’s 2012 Autumn Winter Campaign Hôtel Particulier… Somewhere in Paris collection captures the eclectic contrasts of the typically rich jewelled tones of Kookaï garments with quality textures that leap from the body and dance with every step.

What struck me most was the tactful use of many an asymmetric hemlines and fabric used to bring the garment to life in detail. The likes of Italian leather, suede, merino wool, silk, lace faux fur and cotton all graced our fields of view in the collection inspired by Parisian style with a touch of home-grown Australian design and style.

The story of Hôtel Particulier stems back to the early days in Paris for Kookaï Australia directors Rob Combe and Danielle Vagner. Their earliest trip to Paris, a mismatched stay in an unconventional hotel, the forging of strong friendships and professional relationships and their finding of a long-lost pathway and adoration are all encompassed in the range and operates throughout all of Kookaï’s 31 boutiques.

Fun fact for you, Kookaï is not an Australian label. It’s a French label brought to our shores by Rob and Danielle. Learn something new every day!

Rob Combe and Danielle Vagner, Kookai Australia’s directors

Thank you to the one, the only, stunningly gorgeous photographer and friend of mine, Meagan Harding for her killer snaps. Like her on Facebook here.  

Grant Smilie and Helen Cauchi

Nova voice and LMFF Ambassador, Lauren Brain

One Response to “Koo-Koo for Kookaï”
  1. tananastyle says:

    Love the Kookai brand!

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