C’mon winter, Chip Chop!

Vikings, ice, longboats, Valhalla.

Yes, I speak of Scandinavia.

Why? Because with Chip Chop!’s newest Autumn-Winter range this season entitled Nordic But Nice, a cute and very clever play on words, one will feel like you’ve sailed back to the snow and ice of mythical-time Scandinavia.

All the good bits – not that there are any bad – of Scandinavia have been wrapped-up in Chip Chop!’s AW12 collection. It was inspired by such niceties as gingerbread, snowmen, Vikings and the like. Think all things cold… but warm while at the same time you enshroud yourself in silk dresses, capes, buttery leather jackets and skinnies.

What I particularly love about this collection is the inclusion of the almighty cape. Capes have taken off lately like mad, with leading designers in Melbourne, Australia and the world bringing them back. The pop-bright range of Chip Chop! capes are AW showstoppers, including a red cape that gives Little Red Riding Hood a run for her money.

This season’s range is the biggest yet with over 50 pieces, which incorporate simple and clean characteristics while staying true to the Nordic But Nice zest of the Chip Chop! range.

If you’re not too familiar with the Chip Chop! name, allow me to regale you. They’re a Melbourne based – FANTASTIC – clothing and accessory label that has been around since the days of 2006. They’re known for punchy, colourful graphics to inject a playful excitement into both the wearer and passer-by.

See their Facebook page here. See their website here. Enjoy.

One Response to “C’mon winter, Chip Chop!”
  1. “Cmon winter, Chip Chop! RAVISHING RETAIL” was in fact a
    superb blog. In case it possessed even more images this should be perhaps even
    far better. All the best ,Aubrey

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