Hair, nail and beauty lovers unite!

Salon Melbourne is the country’s biggest hair, beauty and nail lovers gathering of epic proportions and took place last weekend at Jeff’s Shed for the enjoyment of countless people.

I paid a visit to the expo on Saturday 31 March 2012 and found that apparently this year with new director Julia Erben and more exhibitors than ever, the expo was going off tap!

Mostly women with men peppered throughout were scattered through the countless constructed crevasses of exhibitors’ and stallholders’ set-ups for the weekend, which created a labyrinth of huge proportions.

The distinct aroma of hair straighteners burning hair into submission, toxic fumes of nail polish remover and lacquer, incessant whistle of spray tan being shot onto the hot bodies of roaming male models and jostling of women all too keen to get their free 20mL of Moroccan Oil bombarded my senses as I entered the expo with not a clue on where to begin.

Working in a clockwise motion, I ambled mindlessly past exhibitors recreating women’s hair and nails, selling their wares and serving their dreams.

‘How lucrative today must be,’ I thought.

It’s true, though. While many of the exhibitors are out to network, win business, strengthen their standing in the industry and bring themselves to the forefront of the consumer’s mind, many of them were simultaneously there to spruik their goods and make some dosh. Mind you, the remarkable discounts on the goods given the direct route with which they came were so tempting, I had to lash out and grab myself a new bottle of St. Tropez fake tan. When inRome, I say.

With 137 stallholders and a main stage with back-to-back shows featuring the likes of Joey Scandizzo, Kylie O’Toole and Caterina DiBiase reminiscing on the hairstyles that made the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, it’s no wonder that what was intended to be merely an hour’s visit, turned into the better part of three hours and sixty unneccessary dollars.

I wrote a bit more on Salon Melbourne here, if you’re keen.

Image courtesy of Salon Melbourne. Thanks, guys.


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