Converse gets even cooler! Part 2

Recently one of the world’s biggest shoe makers and retailers, Converse collaborated with the Gorillaz, the band we all know and love.

They did something amazing.

Not only did they make shoes, but they made Gorillaz-inspired shoes. And they’re cool. Very cool. So cool, they’re next on my casual wear purchase list and I can’t wait.

On 1 February 2012, Converse announced the launch of their newest – and coolest – footwear collaboration with the world-famous virtual band, which will see  new styles for the Spring 2012 collection brought in. A combination of the iconic Chuck Taylor silhouette with the Gorillaz’ graphic images will adorn the shoes and add a new edgier look to the already wickedly popular street wear pieces.

The collaboration will also see a project entitled Three Artists. One Song coincide with the launch of the collection. It’s called “Do Ya Thing” and features Andre 3000 and James Murphy. It was launched officially on 23 February 2012. Watch it below.

The band and its co-creator Jamie Hewlett worked closely with the band to design the prints for the shoes that were inspired by their artwork. The classic Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette gives its typical street edge, but has been funked-up with four different looks that were inspired by the band.

Clearly the military-inspired ones are my favourite!

These kicks retail for $A100.00 and can also be found on Converse’s website here:

One Response to “Converse gets even cooler! Part 2”
  1. The graphic camo print is insane!

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