Budding designer: The end result

I visited Melbourne Central today and nearly fainted.

Not because I’m a waif and by sticking to my new ‘no food’ diet I am significantly weakened, no, I saw that placed strategically with prime position in Melbourne Central’s newest shopping precinct dubbed The Corner stood on a mannequin, my redesigned, customised, Upcycled Elwood Jeans anorak jacket.

The ‘Anoraque’

Elwood Jeans approached myself and three other influential male bloggers in Melbourne and Sydney and asked us to butcher one of their jackets. They’re not sadistic, but wanted an interesting way to let people know their menswear range is now available in Myer stores around the country and has been since February 2012. So, if you haven’t been down there and checked it out, get on it.

Their new AW 12 range is a more collegiate range, focusing on ease of movement and a casual feeling.

Elwood’s new menswear collection, which is being stocked in 28 Myer stores such as Sydney and Parramatta, Melbourne, Chadstone and Northland, Pacific Fair and Adelaide is called ‘The Time is Now‘ and tries to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living.

Thanks to Elwood’s stylist for picking-out the most notable aspects of each jacket and having unique stickers and signage created to point-out the best pieces of each piece!

If you’d like a chance to win a $500 Elwood voucher, please jump on Elwood’s Facebook page here and vote for my jacket (#3) to win!

Follow them on Twitter @ElwoodJeans.

Read about the redesign and customisation process here and more about Elwood here.

See their website at: www.elwoodjeans.com

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  2. […] If not, then get with it people and catch-up here, here and here! […]

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