Budding designer: Competition heats up with the Elwood anoraks

Recently, three other influential male bloggers around Australia and I were asked to undertake a project like nothing that, at least in my recollection, has been done before.

The task was to remodel, redesign, customise and butcher a jacket given to us by streetwear label Elwood.  The Melbourne based youth fashion brand synonymous with music and street wear has strengthened their retail presence in Australia launching their men’s collection into Myer this season.

You can see my initial piece on it here.

The jacket in question is known as an anorak. It’s a take on the Inuit’s jacket design that is intended to cut-off the wind-chill and keep them warm while hunting. While that’s a far cry from what we city folk do with our time and to survive, the anorak is an English adaptation of that which was founded by the Inuits and does more as a fashion piece than a wilderness survival piece.

Bloggers Darren Luk from Boy Moments, Byron Spencer from Spencer Not Spencer, Liam McKessar from Front Row Suit and I took to our task with glee and remade our jackets to our taste and preference to wow Elwood and fashion lovers alike.

For a chance to win a $500 voucher to spend in Elwood stores to celebrate their menswear range launch into Myer stores around the country, get voting!

Fun times!

Visit Elwood’s Facebook page today http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Elwood/147137865303130 and get voting! Preferably on my ‘ANORAQUE’.

Thanks to Meagan Harding from Style Farm for her photography skills.

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