Around the world in half an hour

Last Friday, the world came to Melbourne’s doorstep, suspended 20 metres above the bustling Lonsdale Street below.

Thanks to Fjorde Magazine, the Fashion Capitals of the World runway graced Melbourne’s fashion scene in a celebratory gathering of international fashion and what it has to offer.

The Australian Academy of Design joined forces with its overseas exchange partners to bring what the fashion capitals of the world have to offer to Melbourne.

Traditionally, there are four global cities that the world sees as the bastion of its fashion. These are Paris, Milan, London and New York, but nowadays, these cities have moved aside to incorporate the likes of Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bercelona and Rome, which means design and cultural influence has opened-up furthermore.

Students’ work fell into certain criteria, which included six pieces of work that fell into three categories, being eveningwear, avant garde and casual.

Their work didn’t disappoint.

Fashion design schools brough-in the world of a massive 17 design students that best reflected what their respective cities were about. The BAU Escuela Superior De Diseño in Barcelona, the London College of Fashion, the Australian Academy of Design, the Instituto Europeo di Design and the Paris American Academy all wowed the throbbing crowds with what their students had to display, influenced by varying phases, places, scenes and cultural tidbits for the aesthetic enjoyment of all.

Welcoming-in the show, renowned and legendarily talented Australian designer, Gwendolynne shared her inspirational story of founding and influence, shortly followed thereafter by the notable floodlighting of the runway before the procession of garment after masterfully crafted garment from around the world.


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