Chapel Street retailers rock their stuff

In the second last night of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, those who love fashion, know and love Chapel Street and admire the retailers remaining that haven’t packed in in with recent relative economic spending slump and consumer discretionary spending, gathered.

We filed into the Prahran Town Hall on the corner of Chapel and Greville Streets in Prahran to watch as our models for the night paraded an intriguing mix of retailers’ fashion and offerings.

The show included an array of 64 outfits and looks expertly assembled, which assembled themselves into four distinct and different categories: bold colour, lines and stripes, romance and pattern.

The Famous for Fashion Series: The Prahran Edition was catered for by numerous Chapel Street retailers. The likes of Fat, Christopher Chronis, Stevie, Veronika Maine, Wayne Cooper, Fool, Alpha 60, Forever New, Nicola Angela, Silk and Cashmere, Trelise Cooper, Kings of Carnaby, Lisa Toranto, Gorman and Henry Bucks all played their part.


The division of the show into its distinct categories made the retailers and labels easy to determine and played a story along the minds of the bulging audience – all of who were fit very cramped but very expertly into the space, no bigger than a run-of-the-mill public hall.

Outfits on the male models were perfect and fit the Melbourne ideal perfectly. With winter fast approaching, the consideration for layering and neutral tones with a pop of colour, design, pattern or texture were brilliant and something that I have no doubt inspired many of the people present.

The female model’s outfits were beautiful for the most part, except for one outfit number 44 by Silk and Cashmere, which many chuckled at uniformedly throughout the audience. See the below photo, but one can’t help but think a brown cardigan and cream tulle skirt just do not work.

It’s like something from a nightmare

Thanks to Calvin Chong from his blog Vanity Press for the images.


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