Menswear fashiongasm: Zsadar is my new favourite

Over in the far West, there exists a label. The label is the love child of a young and impressive PR professional who works in the political realm and dabbles in fashion design.

Why? He hated what menswear had to offer, found nothing that suited his taste or style and wanted to buck the trend of what most considered to be ‘menswear’ and invert it a little.

His name is Shane Newton and he is the brains and most of the brawn behind the entirely Australian owned and operated menswear label, Zsadar. (Pronounce the Zsa like the j in j’adore).

Shane Newton

First impressions: wow.

Shane had come to Melbourne for the first time ever to exhibit his work at a little set-up called The Wearer’s Right, which was held in the back room of the Thousand Pound Bend on Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne’s CBD. It’s basically a showroom collective that is playing home to 17 designers from around the world to bring them to forefront of fashion lovers’, buyers’, editors’ and everyone else’s attention so they can spring off into the world of Australian retail.

The collective is a part of this year’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival with a vision to unite, inspire, and service the ready-to-wear fashion industry.

The Spring/Summer 12-13 range is entitled Mysteries of the Organism and was inspired by Shane’s thinking along the lines of what would happen if the cells and very nature by which humans, plants and animals exist, were to alter to be incorporated into one. He wanted to know how exactly this metamorphosis would look in the form of clothing, and so, gives us this range.

The types of fabric he uses are very unique and not something I’ve come across to date. Bamboo fabrics, cottons and silks comprise the majority of Shane’s repertoire, combined with very unique and impressive stitching, gathering, layering and draping.

I don’t think Shane quite knew how much of a niche he is addressing in Melbourne’s culture that we had to let him know.

People will literally kill for this stuff. I know I will.


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