What makes a man moist?

Supple skin is beautiful. That’s why I always try to ensure I have it.

As the skin ages, cell regeneration slows and falters and the sun, environment, foods and other things we force our body to endure take effect, we notice changes in our appearance. Feint lines show, skin if left untreated can become dry, flaky and painful.

It all sounds quite revolting, really.

Thankfully though, god gave us the almighty power to fight the plight of ageing and degeneration he bestowed upon us by providing us the aptitude to invent lotions and potions to do just that.

Enter Palmer’s, one such creation that does its job and keeps us looking supple, healthy and moist as long as we can.

I wanted to look at some of their product from a man’s perspective. Not enough males nowadays do actually use moisturiser and from my experience, don’t know how, want to or care.

I doubt I can change the world, but by putting honest thoughts about some cheap, readily available ‘supermarket brands’ of the concoctions, we might get more males turning to the oh so stereotypically dubbed ‘metrosexual lifestyle’.

My collection of moistening goods

I wanted to try each of these products for the duration of two weeks and see if I saw any noticeable improvements as this brand, among a few others, is one of the most trusted and easily accessible of skin care product ranges around that the common person purchases.

I also threw into the mix, a ‘hair elixir’, which with the combination of argan oil, fruits oil, nut oils and other ‘essential oils’ was meant to work wonders for my hair. This was by far one of the products I doubted the most, but the only one that won me over almost immediately. Ergo, my favourite.

The David Babaii Miracle Oil Hair Elixir is a great product, filled with all the oily goodness the said ‘experts’ purport our hair requires. It does, however work. After a simple few applications, my hair went from being quite dry and coarse feeling – despite its whispiness to – smooth, lustrous and full of great bounce without the need for product or any other embellishments.

The packaging is appealing, the smell tempting and the consistency of the oil funnily enough, not necessarily ‘oily’. It comes off the skin quite easily, but stays well and truly in the hair. Provided you use the recommended one-to-two pumps, there is no residual oil on a regular head of hair and it is gulped up with gusto.

While there are many, many mainstream options for argan oils and hair oils, for each individual and their requirements, it is very much a matter of trial-and-error until one is found with the correct consistency and beneficial elements to suit varying scalps, hair types and styling requirements.

David also styled Sandra Bullock’s hair for this year’s 2012 Academy Awards. She looked amazing.

See the website here. It is available for sale online or at a store near you; see the store locator.

Next on my hit list was the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E for Men’s bodies and faces.

I took issue with this product. The oiliness in consistency put me off a bit, with the volume of product transferred into my palm having no bearing on the oil content I applied to my skin, so naturally, it felt like it sat on me and did not absorb, nor dry-out. The smell of the product has been sweetened from a seemingly harsh chemical fragrance of the ingredients within, but so much so that to the untrained – and unexpecting nose – the shock is immediately off-putting. Nonetheless, I endured and admittedly did find that amongst all my oil-lined clothes and greasy marks on anything I touched, I did notice a marked improvement in the soft appearance of my skin… After I washed it off.

To be fair, they’ve done well my addressing the moisture needs of strictly men by providing a male-orientated product. I think however, with taking into consideration the needs of men and perhaps the differences in environmental and extraneous factors such as lifestyle, overcompensation may have been made in terms of some ingredients, seemingly unnecessarily.

On the flip side, the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Hydrating Gel Lotion with Aloe & Cucumber Extract, which is apparently refreshing, lightweight and absorbing, just so happened to be so.

I found that in contrast to its more masculine counterpart, this particular moisturiser was quick to dry, allowing me to dress after lathering myself in it, wasn’t too oily for my skin and had a nicer less invasive fragrance.

Pretty packaging and a lot less ‘this is an industrial man version’ zest about its appearance, which I think appeals to the masses more so, and likely the female market who’re the more readily available when it comes to moisturising appeal and purchasing.

Now, with these products, I feel like they may be targeted at a slightly older market, given they’re about reducing and targeting dark spots and discolouration, but in terms of their effectiveness and absorption, they’re right up there.

The Eventone Age Spot Handcream and the Eventone Tone Perfecting Cream (for your face), both of which target dark spots and discolouration and include Vitamin C and sunscreen are winners in my eyes. Both absorb almost instantly, both provide a fresh feeling of recent moisturisation and both actually do improve the appearance and feel of the skin they’re designed to aid.

While I don’t have any discolouration or age spots – thank Christ – I can imagine the products with their unique chemical properties and beneficial attributes to effectively, obviously with prolonged use, serve the purpose for which they were created.

They’re packaged sensibly, do not have an offensive smell and are a light consistency that is easy to manoeuvre across the skin.

The Palmer’s Eventone Body Milk Skin Tone Perfecting Body Moisturiser, which also targets discolouration and dark spots with Vitamin C and sunscreen was an interesting take on bodily moisturisation and something I’d be more inclined to use than the two previously mentioned varieties.

I think with body moisturisation, quantity is key. Lathering the formula on like it’s going out of fashion achieves nothing than an oily-blotted wardrobe of clothes and an obvious slick on everything you touch. The ‘less is more’ approach works here and is completely befitting given the quality of the body milk, which like its other Eventone sisters, absorbs relatively quickly and can leave the body feeling correctly attended to without the overindulgence of excessive oiliness.

All Palmer’s products range in prices and volumes. See their website or visit their outlet offerings to find out more for your particular need: http://www.palmersaustralia.com/where-to-buy/

Thanks to the team at Symbol PR for sending me the product. Keep the good times rolling, guys.


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