Craft got crafty with her Hanger Nation

Pretty sure I don’t understand the name, but it’s a wicked service.

Hanger Nation is Shelley Craft’s fashion and style baby… in addition to the one she has growing inside her at the moment.

If you don’t know who she is – as apparently many don’t given the number of times I was asked ‘who?’ – she’s the beautiful thing off Australia’s Funniest Home Videos and numerous home improvement and renovation shows. Usually goes hand-in-hand with Scott Cam. You know the one.

Will Deague and Shelley Craft

Anyway, the service exists as a website and an app for iPhone and the like and revolves around an all-inclusive fashion and style guide with additional bits and pieces like a ‘virtual wardrobe’ and features and blogs by Shelley.

The website hosts some of Australia’s coolest designers such as Alex Perry, Arthur Gallan and others, but is a bit clunky and difficult/confusing to navigate. No doubt like a good wine, it’ll improve with age.

It also allows the option of browsing seasonal lookbooks and store location for included designers with uploaded looks and pieces.

The blog keeps users on trend and abreast of all goings on in Hanger Nation in the forms of fashion news from Australia and the wonderful overseas fashion world.

It launched recently at an evening affair at The Olsen hotel on Chapel Street in South Yarra. Shelley styled a fashion show that entertained the crowds, while copious amounts of food and alcohol swept over the busy area.

Melbourne nightclub guru and social face, Daniel Russian (brother Nick Russian) and Kate Colbeck

My old colleagues Kelly Tanti, Chiara Henderson, Gabrielle Davenport and Jannah Flockhart from AMPR

Download it at the App Store or check the site here:

Thanks to Anthony from APL Photography for his photography skills.


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