Getting baked with Ted

On a cold and gloomy Melbourne day, I met-up with one of the marketing world’s leading minds, a friend of mine, Caroline Chagas for the launch of the Ted Baker Autumn-Winter range in their Little Collins Street store.

It didn’t disappoint.

An explosion of colour, texture and an array of both formal and casual-appropriate attire slapped me in the face as we entered and made our way through the racks of clothing and jostling crowds.

Ted’s new range is typically colourful, filled with vibrant blues, warm beiges and greys and the odd injection of leery colour here and there. This season stuck true to this common thread and was happily eaten-up by everyone present.

I walked in and immediately wanted one of everything. Their blazer range, while seemingly minimal at the moment – at least in this store – had some awesome additions. My favourites were a Burberry-like tweed number, as well as a black/dark navy piece that resembled a rug – in the best way possible.

Awaiting us on arrival was a massive cheese board, with variations of seemingly everything, champagne and biscuits, which the apparently hungry group of Ted Baker VIPs munched down with gusto.

As Caroline and I moved through the racks, we noticed the odd piece here and there that would fill a very definite void in my wardrobe.

Ted’s range doesn’t leave the women wanting either, with woollen and cotton options in all forms of clothing; dresses, jumpers, tops, jackets and headwear, there are sure to be some mighty stylish women running around Melbourne this cooler season.

Admittedly, everyone loves something for nothing, which Caroline and I were privvy to, luckily enough. Two awards were given on the night, one a random prize to a customer, and two to the best dressed couple on the evening, which we won!

Our goodie bags included Ted Baker pieces – I scored a scarfe – and other odds and ends.

See Ted Baker’s stuff here:

One Response to “Getting baked with Ted”
  1. Gwenda says:

    Look at you! you fit right in, you dapper chap!!

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