Get flocked! Hasti Bala opens its doors

Purple, green, black, red; all the colours! It’s all there! Smothering the walls, the floor, the furniture, Hasti Bala certainly knows how to make a statement when it comes to winning the hearts of Melbourne’s creative, fashion and style crowds.

With the all-seeing elephant head that is precariously pinned up against the far wall, guests of Hasti Bala at their official opening party last Saturday (25 February 2012) danced, drank and ate to their hearts’ content in what was a superb burgeoning onto the Melbourne nightlife scene.

The flocked walls kept the psychedelic feel to the place alive, and contrasted in a tactfully clashy, but harmonious way against the backdrop of the fake plant life that hung from walls, cornices and ceilings. Certainly an interesting twist, but works brilliantly.

Decked-out in their touches of jungle chic attire, the guests of the night consumed the constant flow of mango daiquiris, hors d’ouvres and anything else on offer as the DJ – although tucked away in a corner – spun his music for the four metres squared dance floor.

Micah Gianelli and I

Put it this way, it’s not the place you go to dance, rather a drink with friends, who admire a creative space, adore the abundance of options for privacy and don’t mind climbing a few flights of stairs to get to their destination.

Annexed onto the back end of the Hasti Bala is the illustrious renowned The Palms area: an outdoor haven of islander-inspired, wooden and wooded bliss, featuring plenty of palms and real plant life (as opposed the indoor fakes), another bar and a smoker’s haven. It also provides you with access to the rooftop, from where one can enjoy the views Melbourne has to offer.

The ever delightful Philip Boon and Jenny Bannister will also be hosting their live fashion chat show, Fashion Torque from this location, too. It features on the last Wednesday of every month and you can read more about it here:

Philip Boon and Jenny Bannister

See the bar’s link here:

Sarah Wilcocks (Style Melbourne) and I

My many millions of thank yous to Micah Gianelli and Jesse Maricic of for their expertly taken and developed photos on the night that I have used. See their website and blog at these links.


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