De-Summer your wardrobe with Decjuba

Some of the coolest kids Melbourne has to offer got together recently to celebrate the launch of Decjuba’s new Autumn-Winter collection this 2012.

In an edgy Collingwood warehouse, Decjuba’s owner Tania Austin welcomed VIP guests and lovers of the label to preview the range and its new monochromatic, warm looks in a carefully curated fashion parade to the tunes of Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Arielle.

The likes of Emma Clapham, Micah Gianneli (, Nick Russian, Sophie Hall, Nick and Rachel Holland, Bridget Hall, Melanie Jade Netherclift, Simon Phan, Brodie Young and Kate McGrath were among the guests that were flitting around the evening, and enjoying some of the gumbo and other New Orleans-inspired gastronomic delights on offer thanks to the guys at Gumbo Kitchen (@GumboKitchen).

Nick Russian, Brodie Young and Simon Phan

Micah Gianneli of and Raww Blog

It’s all about layering when it comes to Decjuba’s new Autumn-Winter range this 2012.

With a warm and cosy vibe this season, the label is kissing the warmer summer months goodbye – sadly – and herald-in the cooler, evidently wetter season.

In true AW flavour, warm monochromatic and innovative designs are the common thread through the entire new collection, which is both warm and cosy, while still being alive enough to rock a bit of a cool vibe. An added injection of colour here and there ties-in the colour and vibrancy of the colour kittens amongst us, while the blacks, whites and greys speak more of the seasonal change.

Decjuba’s bringing back, too, the faux fur wrap and shoulder piece to add to the cuddly, Winter look of the collection.

They’ve tried to take-on a ‘go anywhere’ feel to their new range, with overside body knits and stretched pants, which are appropriate for both weekday and weekend looks.

The ‘go anywhere’ feel is likely enhanced by their comfort factor with oversized knits and the like, which can be worn as a singular piece, or layered an accessorised for a cooler look.

You can see more and buy their goods at


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