Honey, this place can turn my key any day

In true Melbourne style, we welcomed in another venue of chic opulence and interior delight.

I refer to The Key Club on Lonsdale Street, which last night (22 February 2012) officially opened its doors in a flutter of stylish finesse, alcoholic celebration and musical delight with some of the city’s most social, prettiest faces and coolest cats around.

Yes, it may be tucked-away behind Asian restaurants, be surrounded by apartment and corporate buildings and be down the quieter end of Lonsdale Street, but, it’s cool.

The old The Loft night club has been decommissioned, gutted, painted, refurbished and rebranded in an effort to inject more life to the somewhat quieter end of the Lonsdale strip just shy of the QV.

With scarlet carpets leading up the four flights of stairs, a dark overtone and chic drapery dangling from the ceiling, cornices and cascading down the walls, I knew I’d found my new favourite watering hole for a debaucherous night in my city.

The Key Club will no doubt play entertainment destination for some of the city’s finest social faces of fashion, lifestyle, celebrityhood and taste.

The furniture in the club is divine, with golden high-backed seating arranged adjacent to the wall bench seats, which were adorned with gorgeous models and celebrities from Channel 7 hit dramas, resting their weary feet after a no doubt busy day and an intended busy night.

Damien Bodie (Winners & Losers)

Kane Lilywhite (My Kitchen Rules) and I

With live plantlife adorning every turn and detail and planning put down to every inch of the venue – including the fascinating and very chic four-poster Arabic kasbah-like tent seating surrounding the rear dancefloor, this club has easily filled a void in what Melbourne had to offer.

Thanks to the work of head Chef Adam Smith, all guests enjoyed delectable hors d’ouvres of wagyu beef, brioche and bruschetta as well as shots of gazpacho while the alcohol flowed freely and easily to one and all in attendance.

Gazpacho shots

The cocktails; amazing. The food; amazing. The music – which is an infusion of live instrumental meets DJ mix; amazing, and something we hopefully see carried-on through all of The Key Club’s nightly musical, potable and gastronomic evenings.

I personally enjoyed a brilliant evening of exploring a new favourite venue of mine, meeting new people, familiarising myself with fresh faces and catching-up with friends and acquaintences, long overdue.

Do I recommend it? Hells yes.

My party posse: Chris Rivera (Fashion Muuse), Irish Rivera (StyleZilla), Demy Seifen and Ilker Kale (Fashion Muuse)

Kristen Cleal (footwear designer) and I

Deon St. Mor (Mor Cosmetics) and guests

Laichi Wong and Adam Tsen (Designer of TSEN)

See The Key Club’s website here: http://www.thekeyclub.com.au/

My huge gratitude to Anthony Licuria from APL Photography for his pics and Meagan Harding of Style Farm for her smashing snaps.

3 Responses to “Honey, this place can turn my key any day”
  1. Rina says:

    Bugger! I was supposed to go to this! Too much going on. Great pics & write up – well done JB xx

  2. James B says:

    Thanks Cecylia! I’m sorry you missed it, too. We were wondering where you were hiding. All the more reason to go there for a drink again and check it out, I say! 🙂

  3. cecylia says:

    Wonderful write up and great photos! xx Sorry I missed it!

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