Converse gets even cooler! Part 1

Converse and the Gorillaz are collaborating!

If you’re not already, then get excited, because for those footwear obsessed of us out there, this means a whole new addition to the Converse signature Chucks range and also, some all-round cool news on the fashion and music industries.

On 1 February 2012, Converse announced the launch of their newest – and coolest – footwear collaboration with the world-famous virtual band, which will see  new styles for the Spring 2012 collection brought in. A combination of the iconic Chuck Taylor silhouette with the Gorillaz’ graphic images will adorn the shoes and add a new edgier look to the already wickedly popular street wear pieces.

The collaboration will also see a project entitled Three Artists. One Song coincide with the launch of the collection. You can hear a 30-second grab here.

It’s called “Do Ya Thing” and features Andre 3000 and James Murphy and will be launched officially on 23 February 2012.

The band and its co-creator Jamie Hewlett worked closely with the band to design the prints for the shoes that were inspired by their artwork.

The classic Chuck Taylor All Star silhouette gives its typical street edge, but has been funked-up with four different looks that were inspired by the band.

The military camo look. My favourite.

A military look – which is a common theme through the four designs – rocks a camouflage print, which has been taken from their début album and is the signature design for the collection.

Meanwhile, another canvas hi-top, which features their renowned Pazuzu character is in the range – I find him remarkably creepy and a the potential stem for many a nightmare so I won’t be buying those. A simple black and white military theme is up for grabs as well as a colourful variety of the Pazuzu-like shoe.

Why did the Gorillaz want to collaborate with Converse? Well for one, they’re fans of the brand and love the product. But also in 2012, they’re celebrating their tenth anniversary of their début self-titled album and thought of no better way to praise the era than to make some very street cool shoes that can live-on in lovers’ wardrobes for the next ten years.

The Gorillaz’ drummer, Russel Hobbs said, “I couldn’t think of a better bunch of people to help celebrate our decade in the business than the good people over at the Converse shoe company. Plus I’ve been wearing my Chuck Taylor’s since forever.”

I think Converse is a funky, urban and street-styled brand, which offers a wide variation of their product to cater to the differing street-style savvy and conscious of us all, and even the not-so-much.

With the world’s largest purely Converse store in Melbourne Central shopping centre, they’ve got some good things going to keep the crowds coming.

See Converse’s website here:, Facebook here:

The Converse & Gorillaz collection, ‘Singles Collection: 2001-2011,’ will be available from select Glue Store locations and online at their website beginning 10 March, 2012.

The “All Summer” Three Artists. One Song track will be available for download from here only for a limited time.

The shoes will be available in Melbourne at the Melbourne Central store on 8 March 2012. I’m hanging out!


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