Get me drunk? You Cheeky Rascal!

Don’t love cider? Madness.

If you’re not a cider lover, despair not.

The Cheeky Rascal and his band of variations will soon have you on the road to normalcy, with a sweet kick up the backside and a hazy recollection of the night before; if you get what I’m saying.

Cheeky Rascal by Rebello Wines is one of the newest ciders to hit the cider-sodden market in Australia, which launched with a bang recently at the Belgian Beer Cafe in Melbourne.

On a Friday afternoon as the sun set and the coolness of a Melbourne summer night settled in, some of Melbourne’s leading lifestyle folks and their friends, colleagues and fellow cider lovers gathered at the outdoor space to welcome in, officially, the seven-cider strong Victorian label, which hails from the Mornington Peninsula.

Irish, Micah and I

House music played, a flash-mob – the first I’ve ever witnessed personally – accosted our environment and the alcohol flowed as the crowd enjoyed what was the beginning of their weekend.

One of the flash-mob girls does her thing

The cider offers an eight per cent alcohol concentration per 330mL bottle, which is enough to knock your socks off after one or two, and represents around 2.1 standard drinks. So, for those who fancy a tipple before a ‘sober’ drive home, pay attention.

It is offered in seven flavours ranging from the usual apple and pear, the not-so-usual raspberry, strawberry and blueberry wine with pear cider to make a signature ‘Summerberry’ flavour. This goes amazingly with a pinch of Frangelico liquer.

Micah and I

What makes a nice change about the Rascal is that it is said to be 100% fruit and contain no added nasties like preservatives or fake flavours, so, yes while it may fuzzy the senses and remove the inhibitions after only a few, it won’t do your body any more of the additional harm manufactured alcohol tends to do. Score.

The cider won the Fed Square Microbrewery Showcase Best Cider in Show award – not that I’ve heard of this award before – and goes amazingly with strawberries, both el naturale and smothered in chocolate as Irish of StyleZilla and I discovered initially…and persisted in reminding ourselves of throughout the night. We subsequently felt ill.

You can follow Cheeky Rascal on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for Jesse and Micah of Raww for the invitation and some of the photographs, and Irish from StyleZilla for some others.

Jesse Maricic and Micah Gianelli of Raww


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