The new Fashion in Torquing

Never have I walked into a more vibrant, vividly coloured, 60s colour scheme-meets Alice in Wonderland public drinking venue in my life; but I loved it.

Why would I do such a thing? No, not to get high, but to pay a visit to the new and terribly exciting Hasti Bala on Level three of the Carlton Hotel to attend the official media launch of none other than legendary live fashion talk show, Fashion Torque, of course.

I visited the venue with the one and only Irish of StyleZilla in tow as we entered the very live and smack-you-in-the-face venue, filled with some of Melbourne’s favourite fashion blogger and media types.

After swanning around with the likes of Sarah of Sarah’s Style Emporium, Rina from the Take2 Markets, Calvin of Vanity Press, Jamie of Oh Jamie and the dear Lisa from Couturing, whilst sipping our happily supplied Acqua Panna water – Fashion Torque’s new sponsor – we sat down to be regaled of all things new and exciting for Fashion Torque in 2012 by the legendary Jenny Bannister and Philip Boon.

Jenny and Philip present

In store for we fashion lovers is a plethora of advancements and additions to what we’ve seen from Fashion Torque in the past.

Change number one was the venue, which – after you come along to the first event back for 2012 on Wednesday 29 February at 7:00PM, themed ‘predictions in 2012 for the Australian Fashion industry’ – you will agree is simply incredible.

The seed of thought was planted a long time ago by Fashion Torque’s PR girl and the events and promotions coordinator for the Carlton hotel, Hannah Belil, back when the new venue was still in its construction phase.

Change number two was the poster and design collateral for the event is that of a comical one; a far cry from previous efforts, which included a great deal of colour and were in-situ in nature, this new edition is white, theatrical and induces a smile alongside the poster’s subject matter: a beaming Jenny and Philip.

Not much has changed in the way of the format for the show, rather there will still be volunteered time from expert fashion industry panelists to expand our knowledge of the world’s goings-on.

In previous years, the show hosted the lies of Sarah Gale, previous Project Runway Australia judge who now heads-up The Iconic, a proprietor of Madam Virtue & Co., Sarah Wilcocks of Style Melbourne and designer, Anthony Capon.

There will be a great deal of audience interaction and hopefully, will incorporate plenty of fashion students and workers from the city surrounds.

Fashion Torque takes place monthly – the last Wednesday of every month – and will include some new topics thrown into the mix for discussion over the coming months, like:

– Fashion Torque recommends: promoting designers, bloggers, etc.

– Fashion Torque debates: an actual live debate with truly opposing side – should be a hoot

– Fashion Torque fans: dedicated to conversations the audience would like to hear

– Fashion Torque films: a focus on all fashion house films, fashion movies and the like

– Fashion Torque community: a focus on all corners of the industry that are doing something for their local community.

We will also see some listener topics of choice, gauged from previous years:

– Internships

– Past fashion stars

– Fashion PR

– Vintage boom

It’s sure to be another exciting year of Torquing.

Follow Fashion Torque on Twitter @fashiontorque.

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