With people’s tongues a chatter, Couturing graces the fashion scene

Melbourne’s fashion scene gathered in epic proportions last night (8 February 2012) at Melbourne’s GPO to officially welcome in the newest thing to hit our online sphere, Couturing.com.

Having come from two very different backgrounds, Lisa Teh and Thom Whilton, Couturing’s founders, tired of the stigma surrounding blogs and online publications.

So in an effort to fight it and create their own brand; their own mark on the fashion world, they began to create the unique purpose of Couturing.com. By including their own original content, features, editorial, photography and styling, the site is its own online media source presented in a clean, easy and user-friendly way.

The night was a celebration of the wonderful – and no doubt trying – work that Thom and Lisa have poured into the site and everything fashion that it encompasses.

We arrived at Melbourne’s GPO with nothing but anticipation in the air, as we were escorted up to the ancient building’s first level where the throbbing crowds awaited us.

The building was tastefully decorated, courtesy of the event’s sponsors – some of who I was hugely impressed with! in true Belvedere fashion, it was a take on the chic and opulent surrounds of the GPO building with enough of a commercial touch to know very clearly, who was supporting the event.

A whopping mix, the likes of Melbourne’s GPO, Belvedere Vodka, BlackBerry, Acqua Panna, Polaroid, Chili T, Fleur, Our Boys and Girls and Flipside Group, Belvedere Vodka, Blackberry,  Cacao, Eau Thermale Avene, KMS, Harper’s Bazaar and Lorna Jane all made the night possible.

Blackberry provided tablets for guests to peruse the website on, which was a nice touch.

As the music pumped and Belvedere signature cocktails – that were made for the Couturing event – flowed, guests couldn’t help but let the heat of the packed room take hold alongside the intoxicating effect of the copious amounts of alcohol in each of the drinks. Needless to say, there are sure to be a few fabulously sore heads around town today.

I remember at one stage I was lining up at the bar – as one does – when a immaculately drunk waif came and fell onto my shoulder, proclaiming she ‘was a journalist’ and she was ‘paid to act this way’… Ahem. I think my facial expression – likely one of horror – said it all as her friend prised her from my side. Heaven.

What I love about Couturing.com is that it also has a TV extension. With the combination of blogs, vlogs, fashion portals and every other form of online editorial contribution, this is a great way to go and I’ve noticed of late that many bloggers and online editorial producers are incorporating this into their offering. Couturing’s TV girl, Stacey June roamed the room, interviewing guests for the exclusive launch feature. I however missed my two cents’ worth. Damn.

Lisa and Thom, the brains and brawn behind the site looked divine in their attire, opting for a mix of chic-meets-colour, which worked very well.

Thom Whilton and Lisa Teh of Couturing

The likes of style icon and Nova radio presenter Lauren Brain – who also appears as a part of the LMFF campaign – roamed the room with iconic designer Jenny Bannister and celebrity stylist Philip Boon, posing for the epilepsy-inducing photograph flashes the persisted throughout the night.

As always, it was brilliant to catch up with my favourite folks Irish of StyleZilla, Iyan of iy.d Style, Chris and Ilker of Fashion Muuse, Tish from Mister Mode, Meagan of Style Farm, Sally of Styled By Sally, Rina from Take 2 Markets, Calvin of Vanity Press, the one and only Cecylia, and I was thrilled to meet Jess from What Would Karl Do?

Overall a winning night held by the team at Couturing, and I – and all of Melbourne’s fashion scene – wish them the best of luck.

Matias Mena, Calvin Chong and I

Jenny Bannister and Philip Boon

Chris Rivera and Calvin Chong

My huge and infallible thanks to Couturing.com and Vanity Press for some of their images of the night. Click their names for their posts on the evening.


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