Australian Open 2012 tennis players’ party

Sinking a long drink of some description at the Long Room was the done thing at the tennis player’s party held at none other than super chic and opulent Long Room on Collins Street on Thursday 19 January.

With the Australian Open on everybody’s mind, tennis bigs and smalls, greats and nobodies filed into the establishment to sink a drink, mingle with the best and raise a little money for the Kids Tennis Foundation by way of part proceeds from the night.

Present on the night were the likes of former Australian Open winner Martina Hingis, French player Guy Forget and Iranian Mansour Bahrami.

Upcoming vocal powerhouse Laura Loe wowed the crowd and performed with her unique flavour of rhythm and pop to the tune of Rihanna’s S&M, Lady GaGa’s You & I and Beyone’s Run The World to raucous applause and the enjoyment of the audience.

Laura Loe performing

“The night had a great feel. I wasn’t able to mingle until after the show, but it was packed and a lot of people knew each other so the atmosphere was vibrant,” explained Laura.

“The players and the guests definitely enjoyed themselves. During the show, everyone got involved and looked happy to be there. I think it was a very successful event and I look forward to next year if they will have me again.”

Laura Loe and designer, Micah Boutin

Meanwhile, cocktails of all shapes, sizes, flavours and grandeur saturated the crowd and audience while leading hot bods from modelling agency Cinema Models rocked the runway in amazing designer pieces – and outstandingly bizarre felt eyebrows, met with some… interest.

People from the print and online media worlds ran around in a frenzy, speaking to all their tennis superstars as well as Melbourne freelance stylist, Ramzy of Styled By Ramzy who jazzed-up the models for the night.

Tish, blogger at Mister Mode and stylist Ramzy of Styled by Ramzy

Thanks to Gary Santos Photography and Mister Mode for images.


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