Get ready to soil yourself

Styling dirt – and making it look good – is no easy task, let alone adding some makeup, vintage designer pieces and a whole lot of hairspray.

However, budding young Melbourne stylist Iyan Difuntorum makes what many of us wouldn’t tackle, look not only easy, but desirable in what proves to be – for him – just another day in the metaphorical office.

The recent ‘Soiled’ photo shoot took place in Melbourne with Iyan driving the wheel, alongside his esteemed colleagues in an effort to work their magic in making dirt – and some mighty fine pieces – look tantalising.

It was a shoot that Iyan had wanted to undertake for an unmentionably long time, met only with joy when it finally came to fruition.

The idea behind the shoot was to bring nature indoors with a spin on high fashion by way of utilising the colour palette and pieces of the natural world.

As Iyan explained, the idea was aesthetically built from the ground up. The concept was to have a tall and gorgeous model growing from the dirt, indicated by the dirt flaking up her leg.

“I wanted the styling for this to be very simple by using earthy tones like teal, camel, white and the like, also by playing with the textures of clothing used such as suede, leather and silk,” explained Iyan.

In addition to Iyan’s stylings, Hands Off! Makeup founder, Rhiannon Rogers transformed Sahara into a jungle-esque testament to what was aimed to be and reminiscent of a warrior in an urban jungle.

This was made successful with bold hues of creamy white against the model, Sahara’s, skin tone with nothing but a splash of colour to make the whole look pop.

Rhiannon noticed some of the outfits looks and colours were quite daring, and so, wanted the makeup to match, but in a minimalistic way.

“The mask effect really reminded me of camouflage, as if she was a jungle warrior in an urban world. We kept her skin free of foundation and only used a little primer and concealer to prepare,” explained Rhiannon.

“Everything I applied to her face, she executed amazingly, like a born warrior.”

Photographer Michelle Austin captured the dazzling model, Sahara in all her filthy glory. These images and more also appear on Michelle’s website.

Makeup used:

MAC Prep & Prime Skin – $45

Makeup Forever Professional Colour Correction Palette – Check online for stockists

Kryolan Cosmetics Clown White Makeup – $14.50 for 20mL

Kryolan Cosmetics Aquacolor Pink – approx. $15.00

MAC Lip Pencil in ‘Nightmoth’ – $A30.00

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in ” Bewitch Me” (only available to US/Canada residents) – $USD12.00

One Response to “Get ready to soil yourself”
  1. cecylia says:

    Love the video! I couldn’t help but dance along 🙂 xx

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