Truffaux Panama hat salon

Who doesn’t love a good hat?

Whether you’re a ‘hat person’ or not, one can’t deny the certain personality shift that takes place with a head enshrouded in something lovingly made by a leading milliner.

I was shopping recently with a good friend in Chadstone Shopping Centre shortly before New Years’ Eve of 2011 and we came across a certain pop-up store right in the centre of the complex that spoke to us, appealing to our taste, infatuation with vintage and our sense of humour.

The store was Truffaux Panama hat salon and immediately, I fell in love.

I am usually one of those people who will shy away from a headpiece of any description. Didn’t think I have the head for it. That was until I went for the first time to the Melbourne Cup and Derby Day and rocked my first two hats – and loved it.

Truffaux takes a very retro aesthetic, a very classical look and object and spins it on its head to design and create beautiful hats.

The Truffauxs are a couple that live just outside Melbourne. After extensive South American travels and plenty of dreams of a world filled with beautiful hats, they began to create and bring the Panama hat back into popular culture.

So, by sourcing authentic Panama straw, using vintage forging blocks to create their pieces with a keen eye, the worshipped headpieces are coveted by hat lovers and prized by fashionistas around the world.

Oska Truffaux crafting away

Thankfully, most of Truffaux’s sales are online, so you don’t need to stalk-down a retailer to get your hands on one of the beautiful headpieces. However, if stalking is more your style, then go for it:

* Travelling Hat Store – all around Melbourne by appointment.

* Markets & Festivals – we are often seeing the world and fitting hats

* Skirt and shirt market -3rd Sunday of month

* Supper Market – Abbotsford  (Fri Nights)

* Suzuki Night Market – Queen Vic Market Wednesdays 5-10

* Sorrento Pop-up Store – 27/12 to 27/1/2012 – 120 Ocean Beach Rd

* Bespoke Fittings – custom fittings, with the full range of stock and accessories by appointment at their workshop.

(Thanks to the Truffaux website for images)


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