Pizza better than YAMUMS

Love pizza?

Love cheap drinks?


The new restaurant fills a large gap in the Chapel Street food, grog and social offering, and is now open at number one Garden Lane in South Yarra.

Me with Cheryl (BusiChic), Kyra (Pybus PR), Leeyong and Phoebe (Lady Melbourne)

Tucked away from the usual Chapel Street hustle and bustle, the outdoor-indoor restaurant boasts a very cool corner location with views of the neighbouring street, a new retailer Top Shop – not that I know why anyone would waste their time overlooking this urban sprawl when drinks and food inside range from a remarkably cheap and affordable penny or two.

YAMUMS offers diners $3 pots of beer, $4 vodka basics, $3 house wines and $6-$8 pizza, which they also offer gluten-free.

Irish running the show like a bawss

The interior of the restaurant boasts a cool, galvanised kind of feel with unique and quirky decorations and features long, group bar tables, used to cater for the single visitor to a group of ten, 12 or 20.

YAMUMS held their official opening bash on Wednesday 21 December for the Melbourne fashion and social scene, so naturally, we scored an invite.

Sharing a drink, a pizza and a merry pre-Christmas catch-up with Phoebe of Lady Melbourne, Cheryl from BusiChic, Kyra from Pybus PR, Irish of StyleZilla, Iyan from iy.d Style, Ilker and Christopher of Fashionmuuse, Alexandre Dubois of FAINT Magazine and Meagan from Style Farm was the nicest way to wind-up a chilled-out Wednesday night in Summer.

Rekorderlig and 28Black sponsored the night and served their wares for free to all the guests. Rekorderlig is my favourite Summer beverage – it’s like drinking alcoholic sugar! Amazing. 28Black offers a unique flavour and is a very, very acquired taste. They make a ‘signature cocktail’, which was wandered around through the night, too. Always a pleasure.

I think I’ve found my newest favourite pizza place.

Meagan Harding of Style Farm

Designer Matcho Suba working the crowd

You can check out some deets on YAMUMS here –

*Thanks for StyleZilla and Tonie and Meagan from Style Farm for some of their photographs.

2 Responses to “Pizza better than YAMUMS”
  1. James B says:

    Hi Luke, I wish I could tell you; alas, as a mere blogger, I don’t actually run the restaurant, so your best bet is to call them yourself.
    Their number is 04 5239 4478, or you can read-up on them at UrbanSpoon here:
    Have fun!

  2. Luke morgan says:

    Hi, im looking to have bday drinks this weekend and a bite to eat, there will be roughly 20 of us can u fit us in?

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