Trying to be clean at Laundry Bar

The irony is inescapable.

We were at Laundry Bar, in Fitzroy and we were surrounded by beautiful men and women: the legions of models on Giant Model Management’s books.

Clean, laundered thoughts? Hardly.

On Saturday 17 December at around 8pm, people filed into the small and modestly decorated bar in Melbourne’s northern suburb for a party filled with models, pizza and free alcohol.

Me (looking fat), Irish from Stylezilla and Iyan from iy.d Style

The bar took-on the ever-popular Asian-influenced bubble cup fad, the bar served strawberry and lime daiquiris with the delicious and albeit pointless little starch balls of fun.

What more could a guest ask for?

We danced to the rhythmic beats of DJs, spinning their urban grooves and RnB beats immediately underneath the closest ceiling fan, in an effort to keep our sweltering bodies cool thanks to the venue’s bleak ventilation and air-conditioning.

Irish, Nick Melin (Spook) and I

Giant models

Irish, Jesse (J-Dawg World) and Micah (Raww Blog)

I floated around, spoke and danced with Irish Rivera from Stylezilla, Iyan Difuntorum from iy.d Style, Micah Gianelli from Raww Blog, Jesse Maricic from J-Dawg World, Nick Melin from Spook and Rhiannon from Hands Off! Makeup Artisty before we piked-it and debauched the remainder of our Saturday night.

*Thanks to Tonie Rose Photography on behalf of Stylezilla for her photographs.


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