One year of Torquing

Designer, Jenny Bannister and I

A few weeks ago now, I went to the Fashion Torque first birthday celebration on 23 November 2011.

Not only was I very fortunate to be one of the lucky few that gained a personal invitaiton from the one and only Philip Boon, but I was fortunate enough to meet and greet some of the most formidable fashionistas Melbourne and Australia have to offer.

Irish from Stylezilla and I

I first experienced the joys of Philip Boon and Jenny Bannister’s Fashion Torque event – a live fashion industry debate and conversation forum – around a month prior to its second last segment in Melbourne Central’s Kitchen Garden on level two. It was such a lovely set-up and a very welcome introduction to the world of fashion debate and frank conversation from some of the most noteworthy and in-the know fashion personalities.

Fashion Torque at Melbourne Central’s Kitchen Garden

Nigel Stanislaus, Kerrie Stanley, Jenny Bannister and Philip Boon

I also met Kerrie Stanley, milliner to the stars and Nigel Stanislaus, one of the most renowned makeup artists in the country.

The Fashion Torque first birthday celebrations took place on the Melbourne Town Hall Portico Balcony, which is an old Melburnian structure that juts-out from the Melbourne Town Hall and gave us such a view of the below, bustling Swanston Street.

Philip and Jenny, as usual, dazzled the exclusive audience, which comprised of Irish from Stylezilla, Kyra from Pybus PR, Cheryl from BusiChic, Phoebe from Lady Melbourne, Sarah from Style Melbourne, Jamie from Oh Jamie, Daniel and Tania from Fashionising, Sarah from Sarah’s Style Emporium, Rina Chia from Take 2 Markets, Sally from Styled by Sally and many, many others, with their remarkable outfits and style.

Philip Boon and Jenny Bannister panelling Fashion Torque

The night was the first anniversary of Fashion Torque, which hosted numerous conversations on all things fashion and retail-related. Education in the fashion industry, fashion and style journalism, the industry as a whole, where it’s going and the impact of international influences were some topics of discussion through the one hour panel discussion, which heavily involved members of the audience who were very enlightening.

Take 2 Market’s Rina Chia and I

The fabulous Joshua Koko and I

Fashion Torque is a one-of-a-kind event that happens once a month, due to kick-off again in 2012 in mid-late January.

Not only I, but everyone, cannot wait.


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