Armani Exchange flagship sets sail

I was fortunate enough to go along to the official opening of the Armani Exchange new flagship store located in Chadstone ‘the fashion capital’ in Melbourne’s Southeast on Saturday 22 October.

Usually, the shopping complex sucks the life out of me and I find myself lost amongst the designer outlets and walkways-off-walkways, eventually struggling to find where I left my car… That aside, I braved it and headed-in to swan around the new store with my good chum Tish from Mister Mode.

I have to admit, I very rarely travel into the likes of Armani Exchange; I’m not sure why. I think I’ve always subconsciously put it on par with something along the lines of RDX, which isn’t really my flavour; mostly ‘cos I can never find anything that suits me.

However, I was so impressed with many of the new pieces they were stocking. Sticking with the current trend toward the likes of chiffon and light, breezy, comfortable and easy fabrics in many of their pieces, I fondled through their wares, with a few key pieces I’ll be travelling back to purchase on my next trip to Chadstone.

From the moment I walked into the store, I was greeted by stunning bodied models playing with each other in a beach scene in the shop’s front window to herald the Spring and Summer seasons. I kind of had to stop and have a bit of a look for ahem…ambient research’.

I met Gemma, the brilliant Account Executive from Torstar in Sydney who was making sure the day was running smoothly and had a chat to her about the cherry on top for the PR agency; the presence of Anthony Callea!

The little Australian singer-songwriter waltzed into the store with a beaming smile on his face to a flurry of immediate excitement in the store from customers, bloggers, media and photographers present.

Running around the store, looking at some of the product and posing for photos next to everything, Callea did well to keep himself composed and chuffed at his presence in the new store; which we all capitalised on, too.

Overall, from an outsider’s perspective, the launch went well and attracted plenty of interest from passers-by and shoppers alike.

Having now seen what Armani Exchange has to offer, I’ll definitely be spending my pennies on some key pieces for this Summer and many seasons to come.

Get on it.


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