Grattis på födelsedagen Kikki.K

Happy Birthday Kikki.K the business which last week, celebrated their tenth year of existence on 12 October 2011.

I was present at the Kikki.K 10th anniversary and learned the brilliant history of the stationery company, which was founded by Kristina ‘Kikki’ Karlsson and her partner, who quickly built the company into an international fashion stationery label with even more plans to expand and grow to other nations in the future.

The celebration was filled with Melburnian socialites, some of the who’s who of the media circuit, models and the folks who made the last decade of Kikki.K’s operations possible. It was a great eye opener into the history and future plans of Kikki.K, of which now, I think I’d quite like to be apart.

Celebrated with cake, video,  alcohol and hors d’ouvres, all who came enjoyed a nice night of conversation, smiles, appreciation and some kind of marvelling at both a white chocolate mudcake, made to resemble an assemblage of Kikki.K stationery, as well as a model sporting an interesting dress made from one of Kikki.K’s signature 365 day diaries. Quite the spectacle and made for an interesting topic of conversation.

“I just want to create beautiful product; even if nobody cares,” are the words that embody the existence of Kikki.K and ones that resonate exactly the attitude and enthusiasm for the product of the company and what it stands for.

Kristina created the world’s first store in Melbourne Central shopping precinct and by 2005, expanded into more stores across Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Kristina has hopes of expanding the business globally to her favourite cities around the world: Stockholm, New York and Tokyo just to name  a few.

I think you really need to be a stationery nut to understand the passion and drive behind this formidable businesswoman, delightful mother, loving wife and avid entrepreneur; but it’s very clear that the success she has experienced so far and will continue to experience in the future will be equally if not more successful.


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