ASOS; save our souls

With the crazy popularity we’re seeing toward all things online and the huge commonplace shift in consumer discretionary spending from bricks and mortar options to that of the cyber, Asos made the right move in offering the Australian market its magic.

Nick Robertson’s eleven-year-old company bathed in the glory of a 160 per cent growth in the last year, which was built-upon by the new standalone Australian branch of the British organisation.

The site that launched in Australia is the fourth in the artillery of the Asos business, with dedicated, standalone outlets in France, Germany and the US; with plans to launch tailored sites and services to China, Spain and Italy.

Australia’s offering of Asos provides users with tailored editorial and the ease of local returns and sourcing for faster turnaround time – a constant bugbear of not only Australian consumers, but those of the world, too.

In the middle of September this year, the site had a 50,000-strong offering of products for the Australian market, due to constantly expand and grow with the combination and co-operation of local Australian retailers; a great success for the up-and-coming as well as the well-known.

With the incentives the organisation offers to its users, visitors and browsers in addition to the affordable range of varied Asos and designer branded clothing and apparel, it’s proven itself a formidable competitor in the purely online retail sphere.

Coupled with the power of social media in the nation with a range of age groups and demographics, the Australian site’s impressive social media statistics are at first glance and after heavy and careful expansion across some of the globe’s most burgeoning and impressive retail markets,  it’s clear Asos has gone a long way and has much further to go.


– 13 million unique view per month

– 5.8 million registered users

– 3.5 million active users

1 million Facebook fans

200,899+ Twitter followers @ASOS



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