Seven days. Get excited!

The store is nearly set., the stock is soon to be primped and preened before presentation and no doubt the fanatics are planning their entry with a similar-to-Sydney 3am campout out the front on the ever-busy Bourke Street…

Zara Melbourne is soon to take the city and its fashion-conscious by storm this Wednesday 15 June.

Get excited people!

With 130 staff on the roster, we can expect a similar turnout to Sydney, which saw shoppers camping out for a promise of before-all entry. Within three minutes, around 80 per cent of the opening stock had disappeared out the doors in the hands of keen and slightly insane shoppers. The same for Melbourne? Zara’s hoping so – and so am I.

I want to see some carnage on the 5 o’clock news.

Why do people go so fruity over the brand? Zara is known for interpreting runway fashion trends and often has copycat designs in stores within three weeks. So, with store managers set to analyse sales daily and place orders from Spain twice a week, there’s sure to be a constant supply of stock that won’t be going to waste.

Jesus Echevarria, Zara’s chief communications officer forewarned Melburnians that black and white, metallic and bold colours will dominate the Melbourne store, so prepare yourself, people. We’re going to see a whole new level of Melburnian style – and about damn time!


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