Zara Sydney does its thing

ZARA has flung open its doors in classic fashion.

Combined with a surprise sample sale, the company sure knows what it’s doing it seems!

Seventy-eight countries and 1700 stores late, but at last, the Spanish-designed brand has hit the eastern seaboard and made a splash with clothes-loving Australians nation-wide and bringing its goodness to the public on 20 April 2011. I’m clearly behind the times, being my first blog post, but it’s merit outweighs the tardiness.

The three level store is split into three areas: men’s, women’s, children and sports a 1400 square metre retail space, sure to impress the hardest shop front critic.

Admittedly, I’ve only seen photos of the place as my trips to Sydney of late have been a bit more lax than I’d like, but still for a photograph by the odd amateur photographer and newspaper photo journalist to impress me, it must be doing something right.

Zara, it is said, took a while to get the our country on account of the fact it is meant to be tailored to the Australian way and the taste of men, women and children from not only New South Wales, but the country as a whole. Understandable given so many stores have tried and failed in the past for misreading the Australian market and faltering; read: Krispy Kreme, Ksubi…

Zara’s chief communications officer, Jesus Echevarria said, “In this market we wanted to be sure of the collection and have the right design team for the market.” Makes sense and is a great sign of a company that cares for its customers and the market.

Having seen some of the products on offer – that haven’t been mass marketed, mind you – I’m for applauding their efforts!

They made their foray into the Australian market with a splash, also. Pricing is affordable, so I’m told, appeal is high and the range, while not entirely on the mark of what I suppose the ‘style-conscious Sydneysider’ might be after per se, their endeavours to tailor the range based on items bought is a sign of a company and brand that knows exactly what they’re doing. To use a cliché, well-oiled machine, anyone?

Zara has it right down to the nub, my good friends at Vogue mentioned in a brief review of the launch. A sharp about-face of the usual fashionista pout and bland, bored look was shoved aside to reveal the true side of the shopper in all launch-goers: journos, corporates, stylists and celebs all bumped each other out-of-the-way in a frenzy of armfuls of clothes buying on the sneak preview night. A sight, I’m sure, and something of a success to break through the façade of the norm.

The store has yet to open in Sydney’s twin city – yeah I said it – Melbourne, but when it does, I have no doubt whatsoever, it will cause a stir among Melbourne’s fashion conscious, stylists and local celebs all over again. Here’s hoping I get a guernsey!

Until then, Zara is available at Westfield, Pitt Street Mall, Sydney, NSW 2000. Go!


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